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The company began as a small Manpower Supplying landscaping, maintenance, and service company in Chennai. With a steadfast commitment to exceptional customer service, Complete Facilities Management, was founded in 2013 and has grown into a leading professional facility management company in the city of Chennai. I2i is a diverse and innovative company able to handle large single facilities to multi-facility operations seamlessly.

I2i is distinctive among its peers by bringing together only the best practices of the facility & maintenance industry. While facility managers have traditionally faced a trade-off between great service and affordable pricing, i2i uses an innovative approach that brings its customers excellence in both crucial areas.

We combine unmatched experience in Facility Management business processes with cutting edge infrastructure

techniques and cloud of services. It’s a unique capability where we run processes or provide on-demand services that drive new value and productivity. With out national delivery network and extensive experience in multi acility organizations, we not only help you save time and energy but we help you make it possible to meet your vision of a clearer environment and other facilities with quality and commitment. This attitude will take yo0ur business to new heights. That’s the high performance delivery by i2i. I2i has worked for more than 12 years with service sensitive companies and leading regional firms to successfully deliver a wide range of facility management services. Our expertise includes House-keeping , Sanitary Maintenance services, production Factories, window ( façade Glass Cleaning ) cleaning, construction clean up, landscaping / Garden maintenance and Building maintenance management Services. You can confidently delegate any aspect of facility

maintenance to us for guaranteed results With the combined strength and experience of i2i, you will enjoy reduced costs and a healthier facility.

House-keeping services with and without pantry (Inhouse and peripherals) but with minor Plumbing and Electrical Maintenance (80% of our cleaning is done by mechanized – we place our machines in your premises for operation)

Guest house maintenance with/without pantry/catering, on total caretaking on national/international standards with all allied responsibilities.

Kitchen Hygiene & Kitchen Stewarding Services

Laundry services (from inside with your own plant and from outside)

Security Services – from entrance – lobby and to floors and keep 24 hrs vigil and consular and guides for Hospitals. Also liaison with Police.

Providing Engineering Services Technicians and Drivers for any type of transports.

Providing Horticulturist & Gardner’s for maintenance of Garden and Landscaping.

Providing Supervisors, Waiters, stewards to Hotels and also for Banquets officers

Providing and discipline of officers on contract for Hospitals & Hotels.

Providing Patient Guides, PRO ‘s Receptionists & Front Office Staff

Providing Staff Nurses. . Bio-Medical Engineers, Para medics (All Types).

Providing Data Entry Operators for Medical Transcription and others.

Providing staff (both male and females) for any events for any work.

For Flight Kitchens-Kitchen hygiene, Dish Washing, Floor cleaning, peripheral cleaning, hi-loader Drivers / services, dishing out, tray setting, veg / fruit cutting,

Catering Services / Diet catering (within Chennai City for now) (Both Veg & Non Veg)

Pest Control Services (By our Associate Co) in Chennai and Peripherals

Mechanized Compu. Aided Row-bo cleaning of A/c Ducts with analytical report

Supply of Any discipline of staff (for fixed period) contract for Banks

Security cum housekeeping services for ATM’s for banking Industry.

Supply of data entry operators for emergency assignments. For Banks

Estate Management in it’s totality including Housing complex’s.

Manpower for any support service including ground handling.

Manpower for transport services for any vehicles

Manpower for loading / unloading and transporting]

Manpower for Passenger aircraft dressing / cleaning including scavengers.

Manpower for check-in counters, x-ray scanners and bonding persons.

Passenger guides inside / outside airports.

Ticketing counter staff / Cargo Handling (trained and experienced)

Armed marshals for passenger aircrafts.

Maintenance of theme / Water Parks

Mechanical maintenance of all types of rides including Major repairs

Lease running of theme / water parks + all services of common

Marketing of these / water parks

Installation and commissioning of all types of rides.

Sourcing of latest rides for India and Abroad.

Project execution of Theme / Water Parks of all type from Drawing stage.

Improvements in quality of service in all fields.

Time study for improvement of quality of service

On going efforts for cost cutting and cost efficiencies

Increases use of mechanized services for better quality

Use of eco friendly chemicals and consumables

Extending bi-monthly training programmes.

Continuous process of periodical medical checks up.

Periodical police clearance for all workers.

Continuous process of cost efficiency

ongoing quality assessment

managing your infrastructure with expertise

One point contact for various activities

Maintenance of professional confidentiality

Multi level operational functions

Competent qualified for job specified

Continuous in-house training

Electrical Power Station Maintenance

D G Set operation and maintenance including distribution.

Central / Split / Window Air-conditioned equipments operation and maintenance.

Water treatment / Sewage take operations and maintenance

Maintenance of office equipments and Electrical Installations machineries,

Infrastructure maintenance (Civil, Electrical/Mechanical/Electronics)

Plumbing maintenance and carpentry services.

Any ground handling of Airports for Airliners, and airports.

Entire front office functions including telephone (EPABX) and visitor handling

Courier/postal services including mail orderlies.

Pantry / catering services. (For the time being catering is through a

100 % bacteria free kitchen of our associates (Continental & Alacart).

Kitchen of our associates and both continental/alacart).

Transport services (with your fleets of vehicles or through us).

Security services (Elite / Special/Exservice/normal).

Landscaping for project stage.

Garden maintenance and further developments.

Developing nurseries and supply indoors plants.

Lawn development and enriching and weedicide controls.

Pesticide controls and periodical trimming.

Bush cutting/trimming and tree cutting.

Lawn development, trimming and cutting.

Glass cleaning (internal and external) including façade glass cleaning.

floor cleaning & Manuel floor cleaning.

Degreasing and decarburizing of factory floors

Granite / marbles recrystallisation, polishing and refurbishing.

High Pressure water jet cleaning.

Garbage disposals through incinerator and otherwise.

Development of software for any specifics.

Attending to the needs of tourists from foreign countries.

Pay roll services of any and every industry

Personnel records services of any and every industry

Manpower auditing and suggestions for cutting down and fixing responsibilities.

Conduct market survey any and every industry

Political Market survey for any political party.